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On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday October 10th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jeremy Jahns, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha, Ashley Mova and Wendy Lee discuss the following:

1) The Hulk will have special arc for Thor Ragnarock, Infinity War and Avengers 4; should Marvel try to get rights back for stand-alone?

2) Disney pulls the plug on animated feature Gigantic

3) Halloween reboot will now also ignore every movie except the original according to John Carpenter

4) Project Almanac director Dean Israelite to helm “Unexplained Phenomenon” for Spielberg’s Amblin Pictures

5) 20th Century Fox options No Exit and will be adapted by Logan writer Scott Frank

6) Mail Bag

7) Live Twitter Questions

Due to some rights issues not yet resolved between Universal and Marvel Studios, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk character currently does not have a stand-alone movie in the works. However, if MCU head honcho Kevin Feige has his way, he’ll be able to explore a type of stand-alone story for the big guy inside some upcoming Marvel releases. Speaking with Cinemablend about his character in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok, Mark Ruffalo teased the storyline.

According to THR, Disney is pulling their Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale entitled Gigantic from their schedule and cancelling the movie indefinitely. Inside Out co-writer Meg LeFauve and Tangled’s Nathan Greno were directing the project, with Frozen songwriters Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez writing songs for the previously set release of November 25th, 2020.


Now that the new Halloween redo is entering production, the new Halloween movie is said to ignore every movie in the franchise save the original and Part II. Not so fast, says the creator himself. John Carpenter opened up and addressed that question, revealing there are actually only acknowledging the first movie in the series.

THR reports that Project Almanac director Dean Israelite has signed on to helm Unexplained Phenomenon, a supernatural family adventure from Spielberg’s Amblin Pictures. The move reunites the director with writers of Project Almanac Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman, in a story described as ET meets Poltergeist.

THR is reporting that 20th Century Fox has optioned the Taylor Adams' novel No Exit, setting Logan screenwriter Scott Frank to adapt into a film. The novel centers on college student Darby Thorne, who, while on the way home to visit her mother, gets stranded in a blizzard at a highway rest stop for a night with four strangers.



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